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We Support B2B In Every Step of the CX Growth Path


1. Management attention

We help you define a clear vision and purpose for CX development with tangible connection to business benefits. 

We map your existing customer experience maturity through internal and customer viewpoints, and provide concrete suggestions and benchmarks where to focus in development.

2. Let’s measure NPS…

We help you define the right Voice of the Customer (VoC) measurement framework for both strategic and operational customer insight. We recommend the right CX KPIs (CSAT, CES, NPS etc.) and support in defining both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect customer feedback.

We help in choosing the right CX Technology for your program needs.

3. From data to actions


We ensure you have a strong Voice of the Customer  governance framework to drive change and measure impact. We build skills and capabilities to manage both inner and outer loop processes and cross-orgnisational ways of working. 


4. CX in business development

We capture your customer journeys through qualitative research and map the the end-to-end journey and specific parts of it (such as sales, delivery, onboarding or reclamation handling). We help visualise how your internal processes align with the customer journey and areas to improve.

We support in building customer promises and supporting actions in the frontline.

5. CX in our DNA

We support you in the CX program and project management by acting as an outsourced CX project manager or facilitator.

We help in defining leading and lagging CX indicators to measure the impact of change and business outcomes. We support in aligning CX with employee experience programs through training and rewarding practices.  

Key outcomes

  • CX vision and strategy
  • CX business case to Executive Board
  • Current state assessment
  • Qualitative customer insight
  • Development and deployment roaadmap

Key outcomes

  • Voice of the Customer measurement model
  • Right CX KPIs and approach
  • CX Technology selection

Key outcomes

  • Voice of the Customer governance model
  • Inner and outer loop processes
  • Roles, responsibilities and targets in VoC utilisation
  • New skills and competences (e.g. closing the loop)



Key outcomes

  • Customer journey map
  • Service blueprint
  • Customer value promises
  • New actions and measurable change in customer journey


Key outcomes

  • CX program management support
  • Reward and recognition practices
  • Leading and lagging CX KPIs
  • Trainings and competence building

Anna-Maija supported Wärtsilä in deepening understanding on what brings value to our customers in various markets and segments, and in different stages of the customer life-cycle.

Susanna Siira, Wärtsilä

Anna-Maija successfully led the development and implementation of Voice of the Customer metrics and ways of working in KONE. The measurements provided valuable insight both to the frontline employees and management on what customers expect and what impacts customer loyalty.

Kati Tuulenmäki, KONE

During our collaboration we deepened our understanding on our customers needs and based on the insight designed customer promises and supporting ways of working. We tested and evaluated the practices together with our frontline and involved customers in the process.

Pia Salonen, Ruukki

CX as a Service?

CX Agency operates in an ecosystem with different CX practitioners from strategy to design and technologies. You will get the right skills and ways of collaborating that best suit your needs. We believe in working closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives, and then develop customised solutions that drive real results.

Working together with us builds also your competences and skills in CX thinking and methods.  


I am a strong believer in starting from my customers needs. My mission is to help my customers succeed in customer experience. I am committed to provide the right skills, expertise and knowledge to my customers, whether you need CX strategy and process consultation, design thinking methods and tools or support with CEM technology selection and set-up.