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(FIN): Asiakaskokemuksen johtaminen B2B -yrityksessä

Miten johtaa asiakaskokemusta onnistuneesti? 

Monessa yrityksessä asiakaskokemus nähdään asiakasrajapinnan asiana, mutta onnistunut asiakaskokemuksen kehittäminen vaatii koko organisaation panostusta. Asiakaskokemuksen johtaminen on ennen kaikkea asiakaskokemuksen kasvupolun tukemista jossa asiakaskokemuksen johtajalta vaaditaan erilaisia painotuksia ja osaamisia kasvupolun eri vaiheissa. 

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Previous webinars on B2B Customer Experience

Manage Your CX Like a Pro – Strategies For Winning Executive Support

How you position and manage your CX program is critical if you want to gain and ensure continued management attention and investment in CX. This webinar walks you through four strategies how to manage your CX program successfully.

The webinar is hosted by Anna-Maija Tanninen, founder of CX Agency and Caroline Bondier, founder of Arcticana, with over 14 years experience in program management. 

#programandprojectmanagement #cxprogram #cxgrowthpath

Voice of the Customer in B2B

How to build a successful Voice of the Customer measurement model in B2B?

This webinar offers practical viewpoints and support on 3 areas:

1. Choosing the right CX metrics and surveying approach

2. Utilising customer insight successfully with a governance model

3. What to consider when selecting a CX technology


#voiceofthecustomer #NPS #voc

5 Key Opportunities in B2B CX

This webinar focuses on 5 key opportunities that are shaping B2B customer experience in 2023 and beyond:

1. Customer value

2. Partner experience

3. AI and automation

4. Data protection

5. Green growth


#cx #cxtrends #cxgrowth #ai #automation #customervalue #greengrowth

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