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Anna-Maija Tanninen

Anna-Maija Tanninen

Founder, CX Agency


CX Agency was born in 2022 from my personal passion to create better customer experiences for B2B companies. For a while as a CX consultant, I had noticed there seemed to be missing a focused approach to B2B CX. At the same time B2B companies increasingly have customer experience in their strategies. I believe especially in B2B, CX needs to be connected with business processes to achieve real change.


In my work, I combine the best of both worlds – the practical, first-hand experience of “having been there myself” as a CX lead in a B2B organisation (KONE Corporation 2012-2016) and the frameworks, best practices and tools I have gained as a consultant (Accenture, Talent Vectia, Futurelab).


I believe one of the success criteria for a CX (or any) consultant is how well they are able to build the skills of the teams they are working with. I see CX as a Service, not only in terms of subject-matter expertise but in terms of building the right competences and ways of working to sustain change.


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Anna-Maija Tanninen

Founder, CX Advisor

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Kaisa Belloni

CX Advisor (Freelance)


I have worked with Kaisa Belloni in KONE. Kaisa has a stellar skillset in structuring VoC data into tangible, fact-based results and presentations. She is an efficient trainer and makes sure the customer interface has the right capabilities, tools and understanding to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Anna-Maija Tanninen